Atelier de team building exotique aux saveurs

Thanks to the culinary Team Building « Flavors of the World ». Discover a world of delights and savor this sweet touch of exoticism. With dishes that are different from your usual. Taste new things and appreciate the conviviality of this cooking animation to be done as a team. Savour the tast and build relationshiup wih your team mate.


Learn and Teach

Help each other in preparing dishes. Teach one of your colleague, a learning experience to learn something about cooking. Instead, learn something about each other, like, what is their favourite dish, what do they like to cook. Ask them about different flavours they tasted when they travelled around the world! Enjoy the life and build good friendship with your team. We believe, you would go back home with wonderful team building experience with your team.

Team Building Cuisine: Flavors of the World Workshop

flavors of the exotic world

Cook with your buddies!

Cook with others and create strong ties with your teammates. Have you ever imagined cooking with your colleagues? This workshop makes it possible and improves cohesion within your team. You will not see each other the same way once you have cooked together in a small space. Where communication takes place as if by magic.

With the help of our top chefs and your culinary skills. You will be proud to have prepared a dish that you usually eat in restaurants. The pleasure of enjoying it will be all the more important.

You will have the choice between several themes and menus. Aamong others the Latin, Indian, Asian, Caribbean, American, Italian, Maghrebian, African, Japanese themes… with for each theme several possible menus which vary according to the tastes of each.

Then savor your culinary exploits and enjoy sharing them with other apprentice cooks. In a mixed and exotic atmosphere, the dialogues will burst out on their own. The laughter will sublimate your table.